Listening to AM

  1. Press [RADIO] on the head unit.
  2. Press [Band] > [AM] on the screen.

The AM screen of the most recent listened station is displayed.




Each time the [RADIO] button on the head unit is pressed, the mode is changed in the order AM > DAB(If equipped)/FM > AM.

Auto tuning

Press [A SEEK/TRACK D]or [S/W] on the head unit. Searches and plays previous/next available station.

Manual tuning (If equipped)

Favourites tuning

Press [Favourites], then select the frequency you want to listen to.

Opening the station list sorted in numerical order

You can see the station list with superior reception.

  1. Press [Band] > [AM] on the screen.
  2. Press [List].


Auto search

This function lets you automatically search the broadcast stations with superior reception.

  1. Press [Band] > [AM] on the screen.
  2. Press [List].
  3. Press [Refresh].



If you want to save the stations to the [Favourites] menu, press [67066.png].

Saving AM Favourites

It manually saves the selected frequency to the desired favourites list.

  1. Press [Band] > [AM] on the screen.
  2. Select the frequency to save.
  3. Press [Favourites].
  4. Press the desired favourites number. If you want to overwrite an existing favourites, press and hold the respective favourites number.