EV (EV vehicles only)

EV (Electric vehicle)

Getting started with EV (Electric vehicle) mode

Press [EV] on the [Home] screen.


Menu screen for EV (Electric vehicle) mode

The EV (Electric vehicle) menu consists of five sections: [Range], [Charge management], [Energy information], [ECO driving], [EV settings].



This displays the distance of possible driving on the map.

Press [EV] > [Range].


Energy information

This displays the detailed information of the energy information and energy consumption.

Energy information

Press [EV] > [Energy information].


Depending on current capacity of the battery, the following information is displayed: driving range when the climate turned on and off, total battery power remaining, and expected charging times by charging type and charging limit.


  • When a charging cable is connected, the remaining charging time for the cable type will be displayed.
  • Driving range increases when the climate function is turned off.
  • [With climate Off] information is displayed only when the climate feature is turned on.
  • The charging time format displayed on the screen may vary depending on the vehicles and countries.

Energy consumption

Press [EV] > [Energy information] > [Menu] > [Energy consumption].



If the battery is low, the “Low EV battery warning” message is displayed.

ECO driving

This displays the Eco contribution and previous driving history according to the vehicle’s driving.

Eco contrib.

Eco contribution information (Driving distance and carbon dioxide reduction) by Eco driving is displayed. Press [EV] > [ECO driving] > [Eco contrib.].


Fuel economy history

This displays the date, distance and fuel economy of the previous driving history.

Press [EV] > [ECO driving] > [Fuel economy history].


Charge management

Charging and climate

This function enables charging to start automatically and adjust internal temperature by automatically turning on the climate control inside the vehicle at the scheduled time on the day that you select.

Departure time settings

Set the intended departure time for the charging schedule.

  1. Press [EV] > [Charge management] > [Charging and climate] > [Next departure].
  2. Press [icon_setting_AE%20PE%20HEV.png].


1 If you don't want to use the settings, press this button.

2 Changes the settings.

  1. When you press [OK], this function sets to the desired departure time.


Scheduled charging

When Scheduled charging, you can set to off-peak time settings.

  1. Press [EV] > [Charge management] > [Charging and climate] > [Scheduled charging].
  2. Press [icon_setting_AE%20PE%20HEV.png].


Target temperature

When a cable is connected, target temperature will be activated according to departure time.

  1. Press [EV] > [Charge management] > [Charging and climate] > [Target temperature].
  2. Press [icon_setting_AE%20PE%20HEV.png].


  1. When you press [OK], this function sets to the desired settings.

Charging location

This function works a charge in defined location.

Press [EV] > [Charge management] > [Charging location] > [Use location-based charging].


Charging limit

You can set to the charging limit according to the desired charging limits (DC charger, AC charger).

Press [EV] > [Charge management] > [Charging limit].


Charging current

You can select an appropriate charging current when using AC charger (station), AC charger (portable).

Press [EV] > [Charge management] > [Charging current].


EV settings

Winter mode

Winter mode will improve driving performance and DC charging performance in Winter.

Press [EV] > [EV settings] > [Winter mode].



The range warning is displayed if the distance to the destination exceeds the available vehicle range.

Press [EV] > [EV settings] > [Warning].


EV route

You can see EV route on the map.

Press [EV] > [EV settings] > [EV route].