Bluelink service

Bluelink is a connected car service offered by Hyundai Motor Company and uses latest IT and communication technologies for remote controls, safety services, vehicle care, and navigation services. You can enjoy a safe and smart driving experience with Bluelink.

When you subscribe to Bluelink, the following services are provided with no cost for the specified period of time. For more details about the free trial period, visit the company website at



Remote controls

  • •  Climate control
  • •  Charging control (for PHEV/EV only)
  • •  Remote door open/lock
  • •  Parking location check
  • •  Vehicle condition check
  • •  Remote scheduled charging setting (for PHEV/EV only)
  • •  Destination transfer

Safety services

  • •  Automatic notification of airbag deployment
  • •  SOS emergency response
  • •  Theft tracking
  • •  Anti-theft alarm
  • •  Rear-seat occupant alert (if equipped)
  • •  Driver attention alert (if equipped)
  • •  Valet Mode

Vehicle care service

  • •  Vehicle diagnosis
  • •  Monthly report
  • •  Notifications (if equipped)

Route guidance

  • •  Navigation by Bluelink service
  • •  Vehicle location sharing
  • •  Guidance to destination

Personalization service

  • •  Car to Home (if equipped)
  • •  Electronic payment
  • •  Calendar (if equipped)

Information provision

  • •  Weather
  • •  Sports
  • The screen may differ depending on the vehicle model and specifications.
  • Available services may differ depending on the vehicle model, system type, and type of subscribed service.
  • Some service conditions may be changed, added, or terminated according to the service policy of the company.
  • The screen may change while updating the App.

Bluelink services are provided via the mobile communication network. Accordingly, the service may be restricted depending on the mobile communication network condition. Check the network signal strength icon () at the top of the screen to check the mobile communication status.

  • It is recommended to use the service when the number of signal bars in the icon is 4 or more.
  • Depending on the network signal status, access to Bluelink may be restricted in the following locations:
    • Inside a building or tunnel
    • Mountain or forest area
    • Road close to a cliff
    • Area densely populated with tall buildings
    • Road under expressway or multi-level road
    • Communication shadow area according to the service provider's network coverage policy

The service may not be available or restricted under the following conditions. The company assumes no responsibility for unavailable or restricted service under the following conditions:

  • •  The service is disabled or delayed by your mobile carrier.
  • (The company is not responsible for delayed, temporarily unavailable, or disabled services due to physical limitations of the mobile network while in use or change in the service provider's operations and policy.)

  • •  The vehicle is located in an area where mobile communication service is unavailable.
  • •  Access is suspended due to unpaid bills.
  • •  The vehicle or device with Bluelink has been arbitrarily repaired or removed.
  • •  Power is not supplied to the Bluelink device due to battery discharge, natural disaster, or excessive shock.
  • •  The vehicle is located in an area where radio signals cannot be received properly due to satellite problems or radio signal interferences.
  • •  Commercial use of the GPS satellite service is unavailable (e.g. conversion to paid service).
  • •  A problem occurs due to negligence while using the service.
  • •  The service cannot be provided normally due to system maintenance, part replacement, system failure, natural disaster, national emergency, or excessive service traffic.
  • •  After the vehicle is stopped, several services such as remote climate control, remote door lock, parking location check, theft tracking, and anti-theft alarm are provided for up to 168 hours for current supply stability.
  • •  Available Bluelink services may be changed, removed, or added without notice based on the company policy.

For more information on terms and conditions for use, see the terms and conditions of Bluelink at the company website.

Bluelink service is provided to vehicle owners or owner-approved users.

Subscribe to Bluelink using the desired method.

  • •  Subscribe through the Bluelink App.
  • •  Subscribe through navigation in the vehicle.
  • If your vehicle is registered under a business name, you can sign up through the navigation system.
  • User authentication is required when signing up.
  • The screen may change while updating the App.
  1. Download and install the Bluelink App.
  2. When the login page appears, press 회원가입.
    • Members of or Bluelink (Home to Car) can log in using their account information (email address/password).
  3. Read the terms of use, tick the required checkboxes, and then press 동의.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen for mobile authentication.
  5. Enter the required information for sign-up.
  6. Enter the quick password and press 설정하기.
    • Quick password is used for remote control.
  • The screen may change while updating the App.
  1. To subscribe your vehicle, press 등록하기.
  2. Select the vehicle model to register and press 확인.
  3. Select the registered vehicle model and press 확인.
  4. Read the terms of use and select the checkbox to confirm.
  5. Link to the driver profile and press 확인.
    • Linking to a profile may not be supported depending on the vehicle model and options.
    • To link your user profile to your Bluelink account, press Setup User Profile from All Menus.
  6. Select the registered vehicle model and press 차량 이용하기.

Signing up through Bluelink Settings in the vehicle


Do NOT stop the vehicle when the service setting is in progress. It may cause system malfunction.

  1. On the All Menus screen, press Bluelink Bluelink Settings Activate Service.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with sign-up.
  • Be sure to enter an authentication code for sign-up for the service. When you are an individual client, an authentication code is automatically sent to the registered mobile phone.
  • For more details on how to subscribe to Bluelink, visit the company website at

To change user information or cancel your subscription, contact the Bluelink Center at 1899-0606.

  • You may be asked to provide references for authentication.
  • If you want to sell, transfer or scrap your vehicle or if your vehicle is leased/rented and you want to return it, be sure to terminate your subscription to the service and reset the navigation system. Subscription to Bluelink is not automatically terminated.
  • In this case, several free services are not provided for a specified period of time.
  • The service hours for changing or terminating the service is 9 am to 6 pm (The Center is closed on weekends and holidays).